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Human Parasites and Cancer

Parasites can be found all through the body. Some of them are the familiar, round worm, pin worm, seat worm, hook worm, and tape worm. There are many more. They are in the lungs, liver, and blood. over 80% of all people have them. 

Healthy people are able to host these vermin without serious health effects. Sick people who don't have strong health resources can be very seriously effected by them.

A parasite cleaning treatment is called a vermifuge. It is often a combination of wormwood, black walnut hull extract and ground cloves. Each is used for killing the parasites in the various stages of development, egg, larva, and adult.

If the patient sleeps in the same bed as another person, both people should take the treatment because the microscopic eggs are in the bedding and you can infest each other.

Also, dogs and cats, especially puppies who eat anything, are potent sources for parasite infestation. A dog lies on the sofa, you chase him off and lie down on it yourself. Are you exposing yourself to parasite eggs?

regardless of your sanitary habits, you are vulnerable if you ever walked down a dusty road on a windy day.

It just makes good sense to follow a parasite cleansing program every three months or so. If you have cancer, it is one of the simple and beneficial things that you can do to un-burden your immune system.

If you search under "intestinal parasites" you will find many thousands of sites. The one below has a lot of interesting information.

Scroll down the home page and click on "Parasite Gallery" for pictures of these creatures that inhabit your body.


For more information, you can get instant access to the Cancer Treatment Books below.  And while they are not free, the authors have done extensive research and some have had experience with thousands of cancer patients!  

Cure Your Cancer
Cure Your Cancer is a fantastic guide to gentle, non-toxic cancer therapies. Bill Henderson's (a colleague of Bob Davis) experience with thousands of cancer patients in 51 countries is yours now. The best and cheapest alternative cancer therapies are not mystery any more.

Cancer: One Disease, One Cause
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Breakthrough Cancer Treatments
Learn about more than 350 drug-free, natural cancer treatments used by thousands to cure their cancer.  There is documented proof these treatments work - with over 2,000 testimonials.

How to Overcome Incurable Diseases and Health Problems
Before you take another chemo or radiation treatment ... read this book first. This informative and to easy to read book will teach you valuable information about how disease develop and how simple changes in your diet may prevent and cure serious illness.  Its an old hygienic maxim that the doctor does not heal, the medicines do not heal, only the body heals itself.  If the body canít heal then nothing can heal it. 





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