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Treating Cancer With Flax Seed Oil

Synopsis. A review of the highly effective flax seed oil in the treatment for cancer.

In our discussions of effective ways to treat cancer by addressing the basic dietary needs of a person's body, we have considered the profound roll that enzymes play in the process. There are essential nutrients as well. One group of these nutrients is "essential fatty acids". We have heard of Omega 3 oil which is popularly known to abound in fish oil.

Dr. Johanna Budwig, who was a Nobel nominee seven times,  discovered that healthy people had a higher level of Omega 3 oils in their blood than did sick people, and that increasing the Omega 3 level would bring about healing of disease, including cancer. She found that flax seeds offer the richest source of Omega 3 oil.

She treated her patients by giving them high quality flax seed oil combined a high protein food source. Yogurt, cottage cheese, soy or rice milk, or skim milk may be used. The protein allows the oil to become water soluble so it can enter the body and do it's job of  removing debris and dissolving tumors.

Dr. Budwig will often remove cancer patients from hospitals where they have only days or hours to live and usually have immediate good results.

Thoroughly mix one tablespoon oil and four tablespoons of yogurt or cottage cheese and take four of these mixtures a day.

Add to this, fresh air, exercise and some time spent in the sun every day.

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The processing and storage is critical as the oil will quickly oxidize. That is why it is valuable as "linseed oil" in house paint, it dries "oxidizes" quickly. It has a high "iodine number", which means that it quickly cross links in the presence of oxygen and becomes hard, forming "linoleum" which was used as a floor covering in years past. For this reason, it may be beneficial to go to the site below and learn their point of view on the subject.

"A new study from Optimal Research in San Diego California found that flaxseed oils contain very little of the cancer-fighting lignins found in whole flax seed..."

You may decide to use whole flax seed instead of processed oil.


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