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Treating Cancer and Disease by Drinking Water

Synopsis: This writing emphasizes the extreme need that our bodies have for adequate water in the successful treating of cancer.

Dr. Lorraine Day , an expert in treating cancer by alternative means, states that  diseases are caused by three things. Improper diet, dehydration, and stress. "Diseases" above, includes cancer.

One may say to themselves, "Well then, I just try to remember to eat better by cutting out the fats and salt, I'll try to remember to drink more water, and relax more".

If a person says that, they haven't begun to understand the meaning and truth of the statement. Our health is seriously compromised by a lifetime of ignorance and bad practices. Health comes by first understanding the scope of the problems and then undertaking a severe correction. This can't be achieved by a casual response. A person must be dedicated to making drastic and permanent changes in their life style. This can only be brought about by being absolutely convinced of the truth of the problem and the efficiency of the solutions. If you decide to take the "water cure", please read the entire article and understand that you must have well functioning kidneys.

There are many sources of information on the work of Dr. F. Batmanghelidl. By permission, I am using a newsletter of Health Freedom Resources.

I have no connection with Health Freedom Resources. They are a for profit company and sell health products. I believe them to be honorable and that they honestly represent their products and services.

The following article is a reprint of a newsletter of Health Freedom Resources.


Online Health & Nutrition Newsletter Vol. 5 Issue 6c
Spirit of Health


This is the One Hundred and Fifth issue of our online newsletter, "Spirit of Health." We bring you articles which are always beyond the mainstream medical school of thought, and may be educational to the alternative  minded, as well.

An online version of this Newsletter, plus records of all of the
back issues of the Newsletters, can be viewed by clicking -



NOTE: In our last Newsletter we stated that the herb Hawthorn is also known as Huckleberry. This is not correct. Huckleberry is the name of an entirely different plant.

"Your Bodies Many Cries for Water" by a book Dr. F. Batmanghelidl.

The main text of this week's Newsletter came to us via off of a web site at

It is a site devoted to the cause of getting folks to try consuming large volumes of water to improve their health. Tons more data about this subject available on this site including a surprising guarantee by the founder, Bob Butts. Bob owns a chain of auto parts stores in Pennsylvania and has established a large fund to back up an offer made to the general public to the effect that if anyone tries the water cure for at least a month and does not see definite benefits, he will give them one hundred dollars. So far no one has claimed a hundred bucks despite the fact that the challenge has been promoted far and wide, even on radio!

Here are some testimonials and a description of the Water Cure.

My personal letter to my primary care physician.

Dear Dr. Berens,

I have found nothing in the past 11 years that has helped as much as this protocol.. I have been on this regimen for 4 days and many symptoms are vanishing like magic---I will continue it for a month and then make an office appointment to see what has transpired. The two most important things that has happened is my eyes are healing--my depression is lifting---and I think that my seborrheic dermatitis is going away... My back problem seems to be subsiding also...Oh yes, my shoulder pain is going away...miraculous in my estimation.

Date: June 14, 1996
From: Marie Woytowich
           15 Oak Dr.
            Wilkes-Barre, PA. 18702

To: Dr. F. Batmanghelidl
       Global Health Solutions
       P.O. Box 3189
       Falls Church, Virginia 22043

In the fall of 1993, I began to have problems with my vision. I went to Dr. Savage in Kingston, PA and was diagnosed with "floaters". This condition became progressive and I began to become upset. Dr. Savage began looking for different conditions in the body such as lyme disease and other conditions, but they found nothing and my condition got worse.

In January ,1994, I went to WILLS EYE CLINIC, in Philadelphia. They concluded my problem was caused by ulcerative colitis which I had about 30 years prior and the new diagnosis was UV-itis which is inflammation of the gel of the eyes. My vision was cloudy and blurry, It was like looking through a lace curtain that kept moving, like strings floating in the distance. They prescribed 80 Milligrams of Prednisone, a cortisone derivative. They began adjusting doses and I was on Prednisone for two years.

As this went on, I became even more upset. They were telling me the worst cases that could be! They thought maybe it was lymphoma because it affects the eyes immediately. Vision was still cloudy and reading was difficult, I had to wear glasses for reading. Emotionally I was drained and it cost me about $1,000. Every time I had a new appointment, I was a wreck. I just kept crying. Originally the prognosis was that if it didn't clear up, it would get progressively worse and even though I wouldn't go blind, I would have a real problem, especially with driving at night. Then, by chance, in December of 1994, I read an article in a newspaper thanking Bob Butts for telling people about Dr. Batman's water cure, that two qts. of water and 1/2 tsp. salt as seasoning on foods and excluding caffeine drinks could cure most diseases. I figured it couldn't hurt to try, it was inflammation, so I hydrated myself.

About two weeks later, after drinking water steadily, I had an appointment with Dr. Savage. He noticed a remarkable difference. I told him about the water cure, but he brushed it off. He concluded the drugs finally worked. I felt it was the water. He told me to stay on the water and come back in a month. Each month got better! By the fourth month, I was completely off the medication that I had been on for two years. My doctor has been keeping an eye on me for the past six months. For the first time in months, I haven't had to have a monthly visit. In addition to that, I just feel so much better! My skin is hydrated, wrinkles diminished and I rarely get the migraine headaches I used to. As far as I'm concerned, I think water has been a wonderful cure. I tell everyone about the water cure. It certainly can't hurt anyone! And it sure is safer than taking in chemicals through soda, coffee and prescriptions. I just drink water.

I know another lady with the same problem. She has improved also. I want to check with her to see how she is progressing. I just talked to her on the phone because she had similar symptoms and was upset. She also went to WILLS EYE. She went to the same doctor because she was upset with the doctors here. I told Dr. Jordan in Scranton about my situation, he said it was interesting but that he couldn't believe it was just the water. Whether it was the water and salt completely, I don't know, I was on prednisone, the usual routine and it wasn't doing anything. I have hardly any wrinkles in my skin. It hydrates you. I had tiny wrinkles, little fine wrinkles and they started to disappear. Your whole body, your physiological systems change. Everything changes in your body. Now, if I don't drink the water, by the third or fourth day, my vision gets affected again. This makes me believe that it is indeed the water that keeps my vision clear and I see normally. I don't use too much salt and I don't drink caffeine, just water. I tell a lot of people about Dr. Batman's book, "YOUR BODY'S MANY CRIES FOR WATER."

Date: July 26, 1996
From: Karen Simone
    RR#3, Box 3033
    Moscow, Pa. 18444

To: Dr. F. Batmanghelidl
    Global Health Solutions
    P.O. Box 3189
    Falls Church, Virginia 22043

Thank you so much for the advice you gave my boyfriend Bob a month ago. As you'll recall, Bob had lost his sight because of multiple sclerosis. I was very scared of the situation and that is why we called for your advice. He did what you suggested and included the carrot juice, vitamin B & E along with the Water Cure, and it WORKED! He gained his eye sight back at 20/40. The doctor at the eye institute could not believe that Bob's sight came back. As of this date, 7/12/97, all symptoms of M.S. are still gone. There has not been one recurrence of it during the time he has been on the water cure. He had been originally diagnosed with M.S. in 1989. Thank you for your help! As of 4/6/99, all symptoms are still gone! This is no miracle, it's just common sense. I've seen scores of my patients and subscribers recover."

Julian Whitaker, M.D., Editor of Health & Healing, the #1 health newsletter in the USA, acclaimed author & outspoken critic of inept health care

"One man's answer to runaway health costs." Paul Harvey, radio commentator


"The greatest health discovery in history."  Sam Biser, University of Natural Healing

"Dr. B., as a result of his extensive clinical and scientific research, concludes that the body possesses many different thirst signals. Many different symptoms and signs of dehydration have until now been viewed as classical disease of the body."

Frontier Perspectives -  The Center for Frontier Sciences at Temple University

"My son Jeremy has been asymptomatic with respect to asthma for four years and his readings are always normal. I have been so impressed with these results that I advise every patient in my orthopedic & family practice to follow your protocol. I have seen remarkable improvements in patients with allergies including asthma-ADD, diabetes, back pain, arthritis, hypertension, and many more chronic illnesses who follow your protocol. May God bless you in your continued efforts to spread the word to all."

Cheryl Brown Christopher, M.D., Diplomat, AAPM, FAAFP,  Annapolis, Maryland

"Since my letter of 1/6/95, I have been asthma free since being introduced to your prescription for health in taking water and salt, a preventative measure that also cured my asthma attacks."

Jose A. Rivera, M.D.,  Capital University of Integrative Medicine
Washington DC



"The most interesting of possibilities." Barry Farber,  national radio talk show host

"I have used the water treatment for asthma in my extensive children's practice (half my patients are under 10 years of age) and I definitely see results. I can affirm what you have found."

Hans C. Moolenburgh, M.D.
2012 Ln Haarlens,
Oranjeplein II, Netherlands

"Miraculous! I am amazed at how quickly great improvements are being made in people's lives, especially in the area of depression. My interview with Bob Butts resulted in over 700 calls, more than double that of any other guest in our station's history."

Amy Biank, radio talk show host WKKD, Chicago

"I am astonished with the positive results with my asthma and malignant hypertension patients."

Lang Pao Su, M.D., Peckville, PA.

"I suffered from an extreme case of asthma and allergies my whole life. Nowhere in my medical training was it stressed to me the importance of drinking water to control these diseases (or any conditions). I was formally trained on pharmacology and the 'wonders' of drug therapies. All of my asthma and allergies resolved in two days. Your work has changed my practice and made me a better physician." David Brown Stein,

M.D.,  Medical Director - Center of Holistic Medicine, West Bloomfield, MI


"Water is an essential nutrient, not only in terms of bacterial contamination, mineral content, and metal and chemical pollution, but also in terms of balanced hydration, for its impact on all the rest of physiology of the organism is so great. 'Your Body's Many Cries For Water' should be required reading for anyone attending medical school."

Society for Orthomolecular Health Medicine Newsletter.

CAUTION: NOT A GOOD IDEA TO DO  LARGE VOLUMES OF WATER EACH DAY USING MUNICIPAL TAP WATER (usually contaminated with fluoride, chlorine, etc.)

Better to use a purified water which tastes very good to you. Remember to consume your teaspoon of Celtic Sea Salt for each gallon of water to ensure no loss of minerals.

We have enough experience with taking at least 6 glasses of water at one time each day to state that consuming large quantities of water daily on a consecutive basis should be the bedrock of all health improvement programs. Detox programs work much better, nutritional regimens are more effective, injuries and ailments heal faster and more thoroughly, and even mental and emotional difficulties improve. It is a beneficial health measure for one and all!  The biggest problem is that it is too simple, too easy, too inexpensive, too convenient and too obvious to be believable. Nevertheless,  try it for seven consecutive days - you'll be very pleasantly surprised.

Drinking 6 or more glasses of water in a short period of time should be done as long as the kidneys will eliminate the extra load readily as indicated by the fact of having to answer nature's call more frequently for several hours afterward. If not, the extra  volume of water will have to be expelled through the lungs causing stress and possible problems there. If certain of kidney weakness or in doubt about their strength of function, start out with 2 glasses, see the effect and increase each day as prudence dictates. Also, best to embark on such a therapy after Dr. Batmanghelidl's book has been studied, if kidney's are not certain as being adequately functioning.

Celtic Sea Salt - For more details and ordering information, go to -

The book, "Your Bodies Many Cries for Water" by Dr. F. Batmanghelidl can be ordered at -

or by calling us at 727-443-7711.

Southern Botanicals Product Catalog

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Ron Radstrom


Health Freedom Resources may be contacted at:
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Excellent Herbal formulas may be obtained from Southern Botanicals at:
727-461-5455 phone  /  727-442-4139 fax


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